We are delighted to announce our new relationship with an International Foreign Exchange Company, Currency Matters. On the 1st of February we signed an agreement to be licensed introducers to Currency Matters, Foreign Exchange Company. We are now able to offer extremely competitive Forex exchange rates to all our clients. Just tell us what your bank are charging you for foreign exchange transactions, and I am certain we can be far more competitive. Give us a try. Contact by email or telephone (contact details below). In our first week we are already saving client's money.

Currency Matters (Company Registration No 4461030) established in 2002, is an Authorised Payment Institution regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Registration No 537841) and registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business (MLR Registration No 12140232). All client transactions are conducted through segregated Client Trust Accounts. The funds in these accounts do not form part of CM's assets.

As a leading Authorised Payment Institution, Currency Matters is able to offer its services to both corporate and private clients who have a need to pay out or receive foreign currency. Clients will benefit from much better exchange rates and quick and secure international payments, saving them time and money. Typically, Currency Matters exchange rates are 3-5% better than those offered by the banks. All clients have access to the Currency Matters Web Payment System (WPS) - a state of the art online foreign exchange (FX) and international payment platform. The Currency Matters Web Payment System allows the client to secure currency exchange deals and make/receive international payments online. You can check the status of any transaction and view your account statements online 24 hours a day. Each client will also have access to a dedicated account manager who will be available by phone and email.


There are several reasons why you should consider using Currency Matters as your foreign exchange and international payments provider. Any business trading internationally has to consider how they can minimise exchange rate risk. The currency markets are a volatile environment and without an appropriate risk management strategy in place, they can be extremely costly. In these days when margins are getting tighter and tighter it is prudent to protect your profits and eliminate your risks. Currency Matters can help you determine a cost efficient and effective risk management strategy, also working with you to maximise any upside potential that can be gained.

It is our ambition to reduce your risk and to save you money. We offer:

  • Better exchange rates
  • Highest levels of service
  • State-of-the-art online foreign exchange and payment platform
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Wide range of foreign exchange products
  • Simple and easy to use facilities
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Personable, friendly and client focussed
  • Reliable and secure


Very simply, Currency Matters can send or receive any deliverable currency to or from any valid bank account anywhere in the world.

  • Spot foreign exchange: This is the traditional foreign exchange contract where you buy a currency for settlement in two working days. Upon settlement we will make a payment according to your instructions.
  • Same day / next day foreign exchange: We can offer same day and next day settlement for some of the major currencies, depending on amount and availability.
  • Forward Contract (Fixed Date): A Forward Contract is one which is agreed for settlement at some fixed point in the future, after two working days. The Forward price is based on the current Spot price and adjusted for the interest rate differential between the currencies being bought and sold. This Forward rate may be more or less than the current Spot price. A small deposit is required to secure a Forward Contract.
  • Forward Contract (Variable Date): Similar to the description of the Forward Contract above, but settlement is agreed to occur between two dates, at the client's discretion, rather than on a fixed date. This is particularly useful when you don't know precisely when you would need to settle with your counterparty.
  • Market Orders: Currency Matters offer the facility to place market orders - either on a "limit" basis or on a "stop" basis. For example, you can place a limit order to buy your currency at a predetermined price, above the current rate. Alternatively, you can place a stop order to buy your currency at a predetermined rate, below the current rate. We can also work orders on a "one cancels other" basis, so if you have both a limit and a stop order in place, and one is executed, the remaining order is automatically cancelled.

For further details, please contact us by email or telephone for a competitive quotation: or Tel: +44(0)1305 853310.